mi che ba

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none greater (1st the gnas gtsang ma lnga the five pure realms of the form realm), a b"n heaven [bsam gtan bzhi pa'i gnas ris bzhi pa ste, gnas gtsang ma'i ris su skyes pa'i nang nas 'di gong ma rnams las bsod nams dang lus bongs chung zhing 'dod pa la gdung ba chung bas mi che ba zhes bya ba, [IW]

none greater [IW]

the first the gnas gtsang ma lnga [RY]

Not as Great, one of gtsang ma lnga [RY]

avrha god, bon heaven, not great realm, not greater heaven, 1 of gzugs khams gnas rigs bcu bdun [JV]