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trecho, trekcho, cutting through, clear-cut, single pointed contemplation, total relaxation, the dissolving of tensions, the fundamental practice of integrating the state of contemplation into daily activity. In it, all the tensions of body, voice and mind linked to tendencies of which one is unaware dissolve without effort, liberating themselves., Thekchod, releasing tensions, cutting through rigidity, a special teaching of the rdzogs chen man ngag gi sde, cutting through solidity, cutting through all attachment, barrier-free, seeing through, cutting through solidity, tregch?JV]

cutting through solidity*; isc. breakthrough [RB]

Trekcho - cutting Through, the Thorough Cut; 'Cutting through' the stream of delusion, the thoughts of the three times, by revealing naked awareness devoid of dualistic fixation. To recognize this view through the oral instructions of one's master and to sustain it uninterruptedly throughout all aspects of life is the very essence of Dzogchen practice. Together with thod rgal the two main parts of rdzogs chen. See also ka dag khregs chod. Alt. trans. of khregs chod: cutting the stiffness / solidity / hardness, cutting through rigidity, cutting resistance; the slash that completely severs [RY]

[arch] 1) early translation lhag mthong/ vipashyana, gi brda chad; 2) trekcho cutting through, cutting stiffness/solidity [IW]

(A) 1) snga 'gyur ba'i lhag mthong gi brda chad; 2) trekcho, cutting through, cutting stiffness/solidity [the slash that completely severs (together with thod rgal the two main parts of rdzogs chen) = ka dag khregs chod [IW]