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zero, SA thig, circular dot put over the head of certain letters to signify the letter ma [JV]

zero [IW]

dot or cipher (placed on the top of a letter to denote the abbreviation of the letter ma); anusvara. 1) zero. 2) [anusvara] the small circle above some Sanskrit letters to close the sound. [to denote the abbreviation of the letter ma.] [RY]

1) at time of goddess play rngon pa'i 'bag gi thod kyi gong ba; 2) anusvara)/ [small circle above some sanskrit letters to close the sound, ka nas nga bar gyi gsal byed lnga'i klad kor la nga, tsha nas nya bar gyi klad korla nya, a nas a bar gyi klad kor la a sgra, ta nas na bar gyi klad kor la na sgra, ba nas ma bar gyi klad kor la ma, ya nas ksha bar gyi gsal byed dgu'i klad kor and h'u'i klad kor and aa'i klad kor la nga, ao yig gi klad kor la ma] [IW]