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SK 1) kusha grass; 2) city of Kusha [IW]

sacred grass used in certain religious ceremonies, poa cynosuroides, grass with long stalks and numerous pointed leaves, a city [JV]

Kusha Grass. Prior to it's being dried for ceremonial intent and offerings, kusha grass is called Durva Grass (rtsva dur ba). [RWB]

See also Durva Grass.

kusha grass. Syn rtsva mchog, ngan sel (the sacred grass used in religious ceremonies) [RY]

[Skt] 1) kusha grass [sacred grass poa cynosuroides, gra ma can, sweet, astringent, body heat neutral, by its power tshe ring du sring ba &, lus zungs rgyas par byed syn: khrus rtswa, ngan sel, mchod sbyin rgyan, dag byed, bdud 'dul ldan, gtsang byed, rtswa mchog, rtswa dbang, sa gnas, ngan sel; 2) a city). [IW]

kuśa grass (English: halfa grass, botanical name: Desmostachya bipinnata; a famous type of grass considered sacred in Buddhism and other Indian religions, and often used in rituals) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]