kun gzhi

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1) collecting place, begging bowl; 2) continuum of mind, one's nature; 3) alaya [one of the 8 consciousnesses all-ground, basis/ ground/ fundamental structuring of all [experience], the basic store of all consciousness) either samsaric or sometimes when purified reveals it's all-pervasive equanimity as dharmadhatu. Sometimes aspects of alaya and alayavijnana are distinguished] [IW]

alaya - all-ground. Literally, the 'foundation of all things.' The basis of mind and both pure and impure phenomena. This word has different meanings in different contexts and should be understood accordingly. Sometimes it is synonymous with buddha nature or dharmakaya, the recognition of which is the basis for all pure phenomena; other times, as in the case of the 'ignorant all-ground,' it refers to a neutral state of dualistic mind that has not been embraced by innate wakefulness and thus is the basis for samsaric experience [RY]

basis/ ground of all (ordinary) experience [RB]

alaya 1) all-ground, basis of all, ground-of-all; gathering place, storehouse, ground of all (ordinary/ samsaric) experience; basis of everything, basic nature. 2) abbr. of kun gzhi'i rnam par shes pa, kun gzhi rnam par shes pa [RY]

all-ground [RY]

alaya, (universal, primal, common) ground, substratum-awareness, foundation of everything, stratum of all and everything, accounts for unity of being all ground, common comprehensive foundation of both samsara and nirvana, fundamental structuring of all experience spirit, primeval in a special sense, innermost essence, inherent nature all-ground spirit, basis, mind, base of all, base, (sometimes synonymous with rang byung ye shes, byang chub sems, bon nyid), primordial base, universal ground of emptiness, the basis of everything, universal base consciousness, universal basis, ground of all ordinary experience [JV]