kun rdzob bden pa

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conventional truth superficial truth, conditional or dependent truth, subjective truth, superficial reality [JV]

superficial reality [RY]

relative truth [one of the two truths bden pa gnyis 1) the vaibhashikas bye brag smra ba gang zhig bcom pa'am blos cha shas so sor bsal ba na rang 'dzin gyi blo 'dor rung ba'i chos su dmigs pa gzung 'dzin rags pa rnams dang 2) the Sautrantikas mdo sde pa rtog pas btags pa tsam du grub pa'i chos spyi mtshan rnams dang, 3) the mind only school sems tsam pa tha snyad dpyod pa'i rig shes kyis rnyed don kun btags dang gzhan dbang gi chos, 4) madhyamika dbu ma rang mngon sum du rtogs pa'i mngon sum tshad mas rang nyid gnyis snang dang bcas pa'i tshul gyi rtogs par bya ba rten 'brel snang ba'i chos. conventional truth, truth for a concealer, superficial truth, deceptive truth, narratives of former births, 1 of the gsung rab yan lag bcu gnyis twelve divisions of the teachings), relative truth [one of the bden pa gnyis two truths] [IW]

relative/ conventional/ superficial truth; conventional truth apparent reality, deceptive truth; relative truth. one of the bden pa gnyis. two truths, superficial truth, truth for a concealer; Relative Truth, [samvrittika satya] [RY]

relative (level of) truth [RB]

Relative truth (kun rdzob bden pa): lit. "all-concealing truth". This refers to phenomena in the ordinary sense, which, on the level of ordinary experience, are perceived as real and separate from the mind and which thus conceal their true nature. [MR]