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Four Paths. Those of accumulation tshogs lam or sambharamarga. connection sbyor lam or prayogamarga. insight mthong lam or darshanamarga. and meditation sgom lam or bhavanamarga. 2) four paths. rgyun du zhugs pa streamwinner. lan cig phyir 'ong ba once-returner. phyir mi 'ong ba never-returner. dgra bcom pa [arhat] saint, foe destroyer. Syn 'phags pa'i skyes bu bzhi four Arya Paths [RY]

four paths [IW]

4 paths, fourfold path of training (rgyun du zhugs pa, lan cig phyir 'ong ba, phyir mi 'ong ba, dgra bchom pa) [JV]