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Lama (Tib. bla ma, Skt. guru): (1) spiritual teacher, explained as the contraction of bla na med pa, "nothing superior", (2) often used loosely for Buddhist monks or yogis in general. [MR]

guru/ spiritual teacher [RB]

lama; gu ru, spiritual teacher; Guru, master; supreme spiritual teacher of weight or substance. teacher, priest, highest one, spiritual master, preceptor [RY]

Master. In the Lamrim Yeshe Nyingpo, Padmasambhava says: "The vajra master, the root of the path, is someone who has the pure conduct of samaya and vows. Such ones are fully adorned with learning, have discerned this through reflection, and through meditation these possess qualities and signs of experience and realization. With such a one's compassionate action are disciples accepted." In short, someone with the correct View and genuine Compassion RY

the teacher [RY]

1 guru [master even kinder than 1's parents] two highest 1 [master, teacher, lama] [IW]

guru, master, lama, spiritual preceptor, life-mother, mentor, higher one, upper one, (one who knows buddha experience; ma is potency, bla is highest significance), priest, 1 of gnas pa dgu, spiritual master, guru, masters, teacher [JV]