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From Kunzang Lamai Shalung Zintri(end of Chapter 4):

byed lugs la dran shes bzhin bag yod gsum gyi sgo nas dang po blang dor gyi gnas mi brjed pa'i dran pa sgo ba lta bu/,sgo gsum la brtags par byed pa'i shes bzhin bya ra ba lta bu/,blang dor gyi gnas la gzob pa lhur len pa bag yod bag ma lta bu ste/,de lta bu'i rdzi bo de gsum gyis rang gi sgo gsum gyi spyod pa dang khyad par sems 'di la brtags nas dge mi dge bar ma'i rtog pa gsum yod pas/,mi dge ba'i rtog pa skyes na phag na gtun bus rgyob spra me sen rtses sod rtog pa 'bur 'joms byed dgos pa gsum dang ldan par bya dgos so//

"The way this should be done is by means of mindfulness, vigilance and carefulness.

The first, mindfulness, is not to forget what to do and what not to do. It is like a doorkeeper.

Vigilance is to make oneself examine one’s actions, words and thoughts. It is like an overseer.

Carefulness is to exercise the utmost prudence in doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. It is like a bride.

Use these three as a shepherd to watch over your actions, words and thoughts. In particular, use them to examine your mind, whose thoughts may be positive, negative, or neutral, and, when a negative thought occurs, to flatten it, like hitting a pig on the snout with a pestle or extinguishing moxa with the tip of one’s nail." JC

Who has slightly detailed discussions of dran pa shes bzhin bag yod? EPK

July 19: I decided to use refuge for the time being. EPK June 3: Do you have a translation of skyob pa in two English syllables in the context skyob pa bla med dam chos rin po che to be used in a poetic meal chent?
I have following two-syllabic choises. EPK

1. The act or a means of defending: defense, guardian, safeguard, shielding, warding.
2. Something that physically protects, especially from danger: cover, harbor, haven, refuge, retreat, shelter.