ma pham g.yu mtsho

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the Ever-cool Turquoise Lake, Manasarovar [RY]

the turquoise lake, Manasarovar; mtsho chen ma pham g.yu mtsho Manasarovar, the great turquoise lake [RY]

manasarovar [JV]

Unvanquished Turquoise Lake, another name of Manasarovar [RY]

Lake Manasarovar. At 4600 meters, and with 320 square kilometers, Lake Manasarovar is the highest large body of fresh water in the world. Its other names are the Unvanquished Turquoise Lake (ma pham g.yu mtsho), Anavatapta, the Ever-cool Lake (mtsho ma dros pa), and the Divine Lotus Lake (pad ma lha mtsho). It is called the Unvanquished Lake because when one examines all the other great lakes of Tibet to see if they possess the eight qualities of perfect water (chu yan lag brgyad ldan) they are faulty in some respect. It is called Turquoise Lake because its limpid waters resemble a turquoise mandala. It is given the name Ever- cool Lake because it is the palace of the naga King Anavatapta, "Who Never Warms Up." It is called Divine Lotus Lake because it resembles a fully opened eight-petaled lotus. [MR] [RY]

Manasarovar A lake in western Tibet, near Mount Kailash, sacred to Chakrasamvara [RY]