mgon med zas sbyin

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a householder who accommodated Buddha in Jetavana grove of Shravasti [JV]

mgon med zas sbyin [in Shravasti in rgyal bu rgyal byed kyi tshal a park called 'dzugs mkhan mgon med zas sbyin zhes pa'i sbyin bdag gi ming, give food to the helpless, the Jetavana Grove, buddha's chief lay disciple [IW]

Anathapindada bcom ldan 'das mnyan yod rgyal byed tshal mgon med zas sbyin gyi kun dga' ra bar bzhugs pa the Bhagavan was staying near Shrasvasti in the hall of Anathapindada in Jeta's Grove [RY]

Anathapindika; Anathapindada; a generous benefactor of Lord Buddha, a patron of Buddha Shakyamuni [RY]

mgon med zas sbyin [IW]