phung po lnga

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five components/ aggregates/ compositional factors, consciousness, discrimination, feeling, form, 1 the component of moral discipline tshul khrims kyi phung po or s'i^laskandha, two the component of contemplation ting 'dzin gyi phung po or sam dhiskandha, three the component of discriminative awareness shes rab kyi phung po or prajn~ skandha, four the component of liberation rnam par grol ba'i phung po or vimuktiskandha, five and the component which perceives the liberated pristine cognition rnam par grol ba'i ye shes mthong ba'i phung po or vimuktijn~ nadars'anaskandha, mvt 104-108 - the five skandhas: form, 2) feeling, 3) idea, perception 4) formation 5) consciousness 1 gzugs 2) tshor ba 3) 'du shes 4) 'du byed 5) rnam shes. zag bcas kyi phung po lnga dang zag med kyi phung po lnga'o [IW]

Five aggregates. The five aspects which comprise the physical and mental constituents of a sentient being: physical forms, sensations, conceptions, formations, and consciousnesses [RY]

five components/ aggregates [IW]

Five Components. Five Aggregates. compositional factor, consciousness, discrimination, feeling, form. the 5 skandhas 1) form. 2) feeling, 3)idea, perception 4) formation 5) consciousness. the 5 psychosomatic constituents, 1) gzugs. 2) tshor ba 3) 'du shes 4) 'du byed 5) rnam shes [RY]

5 aggregates (gzugs, tshor ba, 'du shes, 'du byed, rnam shes) [JV]