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feeling; sensation (i.e., as aggregate or one of twelve links of interdependent connection) [RB]

Feeling; to [RY]

sensation [thd]

vedana, feeling tones, mibp 19, feeling, feel, realize, physiological tone, judgment of feeling, perceive, sensation, hear, basic sentience (as far as kun gzhi is concerned), 1 of 5 phung po, sensibility, sensory perception, to notice, to physically feel. [JV]

1 (verb) tshor ba / tshor ba / tshor ba; intr. v.; to feel, sense, notice, hear, become aware of. EPK

2 (noun) feeling; sensation (i.e. as aggregate or one of twelve links); mental or physical feeling of pleasure pain, one of the phung po lnga the five aggregates (skandhas) or seventh of the rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba'i yan lag bcu gnyis twelve links of dependent origination. EPK

1) (tha mi dad pa) perceive, apprehend, touch, be aware of, know, feel [lus kyi sdug bsngal lus kyis tshor ba,//kho'i skad cha ngas tshor byung]; 2) Reg pas yul yongs su spyad pa'i rnam par smin pa sim gdung bar ma gang rung nyams su myong ba'i bdag nyid can gyi shes pa'o [bde sdug gi tshor ba,//tshor ba btang snyoms,//nyi ma tsha dus grib nag gi sar bsdad na tshor ba bsil po yong; kun 'gro lnga'i ya gyal; 3) hear; 4) mental/ physical feeling, sensation, perceptions, pleasure pain, [one of the phung po lnga, five aggregates/ skandhas. [[rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba'i yan lag bcu gnyis. = 12 links of dependent origination TSE] [IW]


by Jamgon Kongtrul:

yan lag bdun pa ni/ reg pa de la brten na tshor ba bde sdug bar ma gsum myong ba yin te/ mig dbang dang/ yul gzugs yid 'ong/ mig shes gsum 'dus pa las thog mar mig shes kyis yul yongs su gcod pa'i reg pa 'byung/ de'i rjes su reg pas yongs su myong ba'i tshor ba bde bar 'byung bas mtshon no/ / dbang shes drug la tshor ba gsum gyi dbye bas yid nye bar rgyu ba bco brgyad ces bya