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consummation - With Anusmṛiti the practioner's body is substituted by the mahāmūdrā of empty-form. (The practioner's body is naturally perceived as appearing as Kālacakra in union with the consort, Viśvamātā.) Through the union of male and female divine empty-forms, based on the blazing-melting of the white and red elements of the practioner's physical body, one repeatedly cultivates and perfects the four joys in both progression and regression. Not only does this successively increase the experience of bliss but it also increases the experience of empty-form. Having brought the movement of the winds under control, the practitioner now starts to practise with the seeds and winds and the forces that operate between them. This mainly entails Tummo (gtum mo) and similar practices. The 5th of the Six Yogas or ṣaḍañga-yoga (sbyor drug)). [TSD]

Recollection. (RY)

rjes su dran pa commemoration, remembrance, anniversary, recollection, remembrance. 1) lha rjes su drab pa. 2) lam 3) skye gnas 4) bsam gtan 5) bla ma'i man ngag 6) lha ba; recollection. (RY)

recollect, remembrance, recollection, subsequent mindfulness. (JV)

commemoration, remembrance, anniversary, recollection, remembrance, thought not forgotten later. (IW)