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mental focus - The essence of Dhyāna is to settle the mind one-pointedly on the empty-forms. Most importantly the mind is settled on the equality and inseparable nature of mind and forms. There are several steps in this process of coming to perceive these empty-forms, understand them, and control them. The 2nd of the Six Yogas or ṣaḍañga-yoga (sbyor drug)). [TSD]

These first two aspects to the practice have the effect of calming the motion of the action-winds through the right and left rasanā and lalanā channels, enabling the next practices to bring the winds into the central channel.

stable/ meditative concentration [RB]

dhyana, concentration. The state of concentrated mind and also the name for god realms produced through such mental concentration. See also under 'four dhyana states.' [RY]

[dhyana] concentration [RY]

Dhyana, concentration. Def. Jamgön Kongtrül: {rtse gcig nyon mongs med}; meditative stability; meditative - concentration, meditation, 'stable attention'. one of the {phar phyin drug} the six paramitas. serenity, stable awareness, dhyana, meditation, concentration level, absorption {snyoms par 'jug pa} Syn samadhi, trance, state of complete abstraction; level of concentration. RY

the practice of concentration [RY]

dhyana, meditation [<sam'ad hi> undistracted mind abiding one-pointedly unmixed with kleshas, certain or resolved. Cause of arising as its fruition of all the prajna pamana of the greater and lesser vehicles because mind is permanently resolved bsam gtan la dbab it is called bsam gtan syn: mnyam 'jog, ting 'dzin, rnal 'byor, zhi gnas. one of the [[pha drug - the six paramitas serenity, stable awareness, dhyana, meditation, concentration level, absorption snyoms par 'jug pa syn samadhi, trance, state of complete abstraction] [IW]

dhyana, meditation, deep meditative absorption, absorptions, concentration, meditative (processes, concentration, state), SA skye ba'i bsam gtan, rdzogs byed bsam gtan, phen byed bsam gtan, general name of a category of Ch'an texts in Tibetan, level of concentration, meditative equipoise, meditative stability, meditation practice, mental stability [JV]

dhyana, meditation [IW]