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1) wind, air [element], breeze; 2) breath, breathing, vital energy, vayu; 3) prana [vital current of energy/ air] four pranayama [cf rtsa lung thig le energy channels, currents and seminal points]; 4) anger [IW]

1) wind/ air ['byung ba bzhi'i ya gyal zhig ste, yang zhing gyo ba'i mtshan nyid can,.. Rod rlung,//char rlung,//shar rlung,//lho rlung,//'jam rlung gdong par reg pa,//re ba rlung 'phyar,//drag rlung tsan tsan du langs pa,//dar dmar rlung 'phyo,//shing sdong chen po rlung gis sprugs pa,//dar lcog rlung bskyod,//bya sgro rlung khyer,//ming gi rnam grangs la kun 'du rnga dang, 'gro ba'i ngang tshul, 'gro ba'i srog rtag 'gro, dri bzhon, dri len, dri'i shing rta, rdul gyi kha lo pa, nam mkha'i stobs, nam mkha'i dbugs, nam mkha'i srog gnas med, ma mos 'phel, gyo byed, reg ldan, bsil byed bcas so]; 2) 'byung ba rlung dang nam mkha'i khams las byung ba'i lus kyi cha shas yongs la zer zhing khams kyi rang bzhin dang chos mtshungs pa'i mtshan nyid drug dang ldan pa, yul lus smad kyi dpyi sked la gnas shing rnam par ma gyur na dbugs 'byin rngubs dang, las la bskyod pa, shugs 'byin pa, khrag la sogs pa'i dvangs ma rnams rang rang gi gnas su skyel ba, mig la sogs pa'i dbang po gsal ba, sems kyi bya ba rjes su 'dzin pa sogs kyi bya ba byed cing gzhan du rnam par gyur na srog rtsa dkar nag gi char gtogs pa'i nad kun kyang 'di las byung ba yin no,//pho rlung,//snying rlung,//'og rlung,//khrag rlung,//3) rtsa thig rlung gsum gyi zlas phye ba'i rlung ste, lus kyi rtsa thams cad du khyab pa'i 'byung lnga'i rang bzhin can, mi shigs pa, cha shas kun tsang ba, de nyid gyo ba'i cha nas rlung zhes bya'o,//rlung bsgoms nas nad gzhir gso bcos byed pa,//4) 'tshig pa dang, khro ba,//rlung langs po [IW]

Prana. The 'winds' or energy-currents of the body [RY]

prana, air element, movement, breeze, wind, air, vital energies, motility, breathing rate, motions, energy flows, vibration, moving forces, motor activity, SA chu'i rlung, me'i rlung, gzung bskyed kyi rlung, ye shes kyi rlung, g.yo ba rlung, 1 of 3 body humors, SA srog 'dzin, gyen rgyu, khyab byed, me mnyam, thur sel, SA srog 'dzin, gyen rgyu, khyab byed, me mnyam, thur sel, energy-wind, psychic energy , breathing [JV]

pranas; [detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 36] [RY]

1) wind, air [element], breeze; 2) breath, breathing, vital energy, vayu; 3) prana [vital current of energy/ air] four pranayama; 4) anger; 5) nervousness [IW]

1) wind [element]. breeze. 2) the breath, breathing, vital energy, air, vayu, 3) prana [vital current of energy or air]. 4) pranayama. (subtle) wind; subtle motile energy; psychic energy [prana], wind, air, [vayu]; vital energy; currents [RY]

(subtle) wind; subtle energy [RB]

1) wind; 2) the element of wind; 3) subtle winds/energies (within the body, prāṇā); 3) wind, one of the three main humors and types of illness in Tibetan medicine, (Ayurveda: vata) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]