rnam shes mtha' yas

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Infinite Consciousness; skye mched mu bzhi gzugs med pa'i khams bzhi [RY]

Infinite Consciousness. The second abode in the Formless Realm dwelling on the thought, "Consciousness is infinite!" [RY]

infinity of consciousness, formless attainment (1 of 4 gzugs med pa'i snyoms par 'jug pa), infinite consciousness, 1 of skye mched mu bzhi, 1 of snyoms par 'jug pa dgu [JV]

infinite consciousness [IW]


The second of the four Formless absorptions. Its name comes from the training that produces it: a meditator on Infinte Space enters the preparation for Infinite Consciousness and that there is no way to perceive mere space, and so thinks that consciousness is infinite. Once the actual absorption is attained, it can have any dharma as its focus. DKC