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1) rasana, roma nadi [the main right channel/ nadi srog rtsa nag po sogs khrag rtsa thams cad kyi rten byed pa'i lus kyi rtsa'i gtso bo bo zhig ste skyes pa'i ga-yon dang bud med kyi g.yas su yod cing, dvangs ma dmar po 'gyu bar byed la shes rab kyi rang bzhin can rtsa'i kha dog dmar po'o]; 2) Taste goddess [= raa ma TSE]; 3) snyigs ma [khu ba bton nas ro ma lus pa,//'tshags ro,//shog ro,//sa ro rdo ro,//ja ro,//skud ro,//gyang ro,//tshig ro] two, /[IW]

1) rasana, roma nadi; 2) Taste goddess; 3) residue, remains; 4) Rome [IW]

1) rasana, roma, [the main right channel / nadi. 2) Taste Goddess. Syn rA ma [RY]

rasana/ right lateral channel [RB]

rasana The main right nadi [RY]

rasana, red right-hand pathway ?? (for males), SA gzung bskyed kyi rlung, anything from which the juice or spirit has been extracted, grass lalana, Rome in Italy [JV]

flavored channel DKC