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ji srid 'tsho'i mtha' can dge ba la zhugs pa 'Vow' means [to pledge] to engage in virtue for as long as one is alive. [RY]

rite, discipline, commitment, restraint, control, obligations, self-control, tie up, bind up, tie, fasten, vow, precepts, bind, stanch, stop, cause to cease, make morally firm, confirm, add together, cash up, sum up, engagement, duty, sum [JV]

bsdam pa to control/ restrain; to restrict/ confine [RB]

vow/ precept/ ordination [RB]

vow[s]/ precept/ ordination; vow, oath, promise, vows. commitment, to bind, to fetter, to bind to ties fast, to pinion, to bind up, to add, sum, total, to dress, to control/ restrain; to restrict/ confine, to control, to make agree, to bring to an agreement, to reconcile, to conciliate, virtuous vow; unified; self-control/ restraint. restrictions, vows that restrict; something that limits or restricts: limitations, restraints, constraints, circumscriptions, strictures; limitations, confinements, constrainments. Notes: The five to be renounced for laymen dge bsnyen or upasaka. are killing, stealing, falsehood, sexual misconduct, and alcohol, the eight to be renounced by observers of the purificatory fast bsnyen gnas or upavasa. are those five with the addition of afternoon food, singing and the wearing of ornaments, the ten to be renounced by novices dge tshul or shramanera. are the above eight with the addition of precious gems and high thrones. or beds, and all things which are to be renounced by monks dge slong or bhikshu. are the two hundred and fifty-three vows described in the Analysis of the Vows of a Monk Bhikshu Vibhanga, T. 3) and in the other transmissions of the Vinaya [RY]

vow, promise, oath, commitment, control, make agree, reconcile, conciliate * [I] (Tha dad pa bsdams pa, bsdam pa, sdoms,, 1) tie, bind, fetter; 2) not transgress/ go beyond * [II] Bsdoms pa, bsdom pa, sdoms,; 3) combine, add; 4) abandon harming others w the basis and restrain/ eliminate impure discipline [IW]

Vows. The individual pledge to observe the precepts prescribed in one or all of the three vehicles [RY]

control, refrain from; x sa phyogs spyod lam sdom pa dang put the place in order and control your behavior [RY]