se ra mkha' 'gro bde ba'i rdo rje

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Sera Khandro Dewe Dorje

Short Biography

༌Sera Khandro Kunzang Dekyong Wangmo alias Dewai Dorje (se ra mkha' 'gro kun bzang bde skyong dbang mo or bde ba'i rdo rje): 1899-1952 /Tarthang /Thondup [MR]

Primary Teachers

Primary Students

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Other Sources

  • Consorts and Revelations in Eastern Tibet: The Auto/biographical Writings of the Treasure Revealer Sera Khandro (1892-1940)” (Thesis by Sarah H. Jacoby) English
  • dbus bza' mkha' 'gro bde ba'i rdo rje'i rnam thar chen mo'i mjug gi kha skong nyung du g.yu yi phra tshom (Short biography by Kyabje Chadrel Rinpoche) Tibetan
  • dbus mo bde ba'i rdo rje'i rnam par thar pa nges 'byung 'dren pa'i shing rta skal ldan dad pa'i mchod sdong (Autobiography) Tibetan

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