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1) [deity] Tara, the Savioress, Goddess Tara [mother who saves us from the suffering of worldly existence]. 2) the consort of Amoghasiddhi. [RY]

1) [deity] Tara, the savioress. [IW]

tara (yab is don yod grub pa), SA sgrol ma dkar po, sgrol ma ljang gu, khro gnyer can ma, ral gcig ma, ku ru ku le SA thar byed dril bu ljang mo, (names include om mdzad, rgyal yum, mchog gi ma, myur skyob, 'jig rten dbang sras mo, dbang sras mo, zhi ma phongs skyob, legs byin ma, chos kyi dpal mo). [JV]

Tara. The Savioress, She who Takes (beings) Across (the Ocean of Samsara). [RY]

Tara. [RY]