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/; 1) essence, core, heart of the matter, pith, heart, substance, quintessence, essential [meaning], quintessential; 2) center; 3) central/ most important meaning, meaningful purpose, sense, perspective, inner reality; 4) bde gshegs snying po, sugatagarbha; 5) grain, seed, kernel; 6) circle, orb [of the sun]; 7) center, central; 8) energy pulse, nucleus [of reality] [gd] [IW]

1) essence, core, a solid core, heart of matter, pith, heart, substance, quintessence, e.g., snying po bgrongs, Recite the essential [mantra]!. 2) center. 3) central meaning, purpose, sense, perspective, inner reality. 4) syn bde gshegs snying po 5) grain, seed, kernel. 6) circle, orb, e.g., nyi ma'i snying po the orb of the sun. 7) central, essential, quintessential, meaningful; 8) essence mantra. 9) energy pulse, nucleus. nucleus of reality. // 1) heart, "hridaya" Skt. 2) embryo, "garbha" Skt. 3) essence, "sara" Skt. 4) mind, "chitta" Skt. Comp snying po med pa [RY]

heart (essence); isc. (that is/ lies) at the very heart of . . . ; isc. quintessence; isc. essence mantra [RB]

core (-, reality, teaching), womb, heart, intrinsic character, essence, the very essence, quintessence, quintessential state, essential nature, motive force, meaning, inner reality, epitome, energy pulse, abstract, (reference to atiyoga), pith, flower, thunder bolt, heap, plough, kind of precious stone, sapphire, abbreviation for text gsang ba snying po, embryo, mind, ultimate essence, heart essence, essential phase [JV]

heart, essence [mantra] [IW]