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= thugs kyi dam tshig 1) [h] samaya, spiritual pledge or vow; 2) [h] [experience &] realization; 3) [h] yi dam; 4) practice, meditation, meditative commitment [Gd [daily/ yidam] practice, sadhana, practice object, dam bca' [dka' ba spyad pa'i thugs dam - practice of austerities]; 5) Nyams bzhes (6) Mo (7) Yi dam; 5) bless [IW]

(personal) spiritual practice; sacred bond [RB]

Tutelary deity (yi dam). Enlightened deity on whom one's Tantric practice is centered [RY]

the delight of his heart (?) [RY]

1) h. for samaya. thugs kyi dam bca' spiritual pledge, vow, commitment. 2) h. for experience and realization. 3) h. for yi dam practice, meditation, meditative commitment.4) [daily] practice, sadhana, practice object, realization. Syn. for thugs kyi dam tshig daily practice; personal practice, spiritual practice; sacred bond [RY]

tutelary god, devotion, contemplation, happily, spiritual power, compassionate pledges, holy opinion, advice, oath, vow, solemn promise, prayer, wish, heart-vow, yidam practice, experience and realization, realization, confirmation by oath, personal practice [JV]

Tukdam (Tib. ཐུགས་དམ་, Wyl. thugs dam). 1) heart commitment, heartfelt commitment, heart bond, heartfelt bond, heart pledge, heartfelt pledge, sacred commitment/bond/pledge, sacred heart bond/commitment/pledge, spiritual commitment/bond/pledge, commitment/bond/pledge of awakened mind; 2) another term for a meditation deity or iṣṭadeva/yi dam (listed as a contraction of both thugs kyi dam tshig and thugs kyi dam bca'; generally signifies either the spiritual bond between a given deity and/or guru and the practitioner, or more commonly, the commitment of practice that a practitioner has in relation to a deity and/or guru, but sometimes as a rather honorific way of referring to a yi dam itself, or the practice of the yi dam; although not literal, for certain usages, 'spiritual commitment(s)' or 'sacred heart bond(s)' etc. may often be the most appropriate in English; thugs dam is however used in different contexts with various nuances, and should be analyzed accordingly); 3) an honorific term for meditative practice and experience that is frequently used to refer to the period following the death of a great master, during which time they are absorbed in luminosity. It is a meditative practice utilized during the period of death of a Buddhist master, during that time they are absorbed in the stage of ‘Clear Light' ('od gsal), an process of inner dissolution of five elements and consciousness. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]