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chos kyi phyag rgya - dharma mudra, commitment to practice, hand gestures and postures, dharmamudra related to voice, one of phyag rgya bzhi [JV]

chos kyi phyag rgya - dharmamudra, Dharma seal, Dharma-mudra, seal of the doctrine. one of the {phyag rgya bzhi}, four mudras [RY]

chos kyi phyag rgya - dharmamudra/ experience of symbolic nature of phenomena(l world) [RB]

phyag rgya - mudra, seal, axiom, gesture, commitment, symbol, hand gesture, dakini, consort, posture, sign, clenched fist, bone ornament, symbolic (encounter, ornament), (mahamudra, dharmamudra, samayamudra, karmamudra), SA chos kyi phyag rgya, phyag rgya chen po, thugs dam tshig gi phyag rgya, ye shes las kyi phyag rgya, consort, symbolic form [JV]