Karma Kuchen Dongak Chokyi Nyima

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The Third Karma Kuchen Dongak Chokyi Nyima

kar ma sku chen mdo sngags chos kyi nyi ma

Palyul Kuchen Orgyen Dongak Chokyi Nyima

Short biography

Palyul Karma Kuchen Dongak Chokyi Nyima (1854-1906), At the time of his birth, marvelous rainbow light rays appeared in the sky and unusual and magnificent sounds reverberated in all directions. Born in the Derge village of Alo Khateng, his family name was Dilgo of the Nyo heritage. As a youth, his mind was like pure gold with his every thought directed towards the betterment of mankind. He treated everybody with kindness and respect. While at the monastery, he spent the majority of his time presiding over the many regular accomplishment ceremonies, as well as bestowing transmissions. He was never known to rest or take any personal time out, except for the practice of root and accomplishment mantras which he did while in retreat. It was his lifetime pattern to arise by three in the morning in order to recite all of his daily practices from both the earlier and later traditions of kama and terma. Just after dawn, he would offer sang and tormas to the hungry spirits. Intermittently he would perform at least one hundred prostrations and circumambulations.

While he performed the great accomplishment ceremonies, nectar in the skull cups spontaneously overflowed and dharma medicine pills would increase, to roll down the mandala cord in his direction. During the descent of the blessings section of the practice, actual signs of spiritual attainment were regularly witnessed. He often left his footprints upon stone as a sign of having mingled mind with appearances. He possessed unobstructed power to see through and beyond rocks, houses and mountains and he could hear conversations being carried on from afar. Although he received many other extraordinary visions and prophesies, because of his prudent character, these experiences were kept concealed.

The 8th Palyul Denrab Orgyen Dongak Chokyi Nyima

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