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Langdarma (glang dar ma).

  • Tyrant king of Tibet known as Langdarma who was assassinated by Lhalung Palgyi Dorje. The word ‘Lang’ means ox, referring to his former rebirth as a beast of burden who was used to carry stones and earth for the building of the Great Stupa of Boudhanath. Padmasambhava explained that while the brothers formed virtuous aspirations, the ox made the ‘black wish’ to be able to destroy whatever the brothers could create. History shows that this negative aspiration was almost successful. EPK
  • Brother of the great Dharma king Ralpachen and the persecutor of the Sangha in central Tibet during a five year reign. During his brief reign, he almost succeeded in eradicating Buddhism in Tibet. [RY]
  • Persecution by Langdarma (glang dar ma): 841-846 [MR]
  • Assasinated by Lhalung Palgi Dorje, 906 [RY]; 846 or 906 [MR]
  • Langdarma / Glang dar ma - Brother of ral pa can; persecuted the Sangha in central Tibet during a five year reign, initiating a period of anarchy and disruption [RY]
  • Langdarma (glang dar ma): 838-842?]] (reign) /Tucci /836-841 Tarthang [MR]