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nirvana, past (time), pass, pass away, SA 'da' ba, transgress, violate, past of 'da', beyond, transcended [JV]

1) pass over/ above/ into/ beyond/ away; 2) transgress/ violate/ trespass; 3) surpass/ exceed/ surmount; 4) transcend; 5) pass/ spend/ waste time; 6) more than; 7) the past; 8) nirvana [IW]

p. of 'da' to pass over / above / into / beyond / away, transgress, surpass, overtake, surmount, exceed, trespass, transcend, go beyond, pass, - / spend / waste time, more than, the past, - Syn myang 'das Syn 'jig rten las 'das pa; 1) vi. to pass [time]. 2) vi. to pass away, to die 3) to transgress violate 4) vi. to go beyond, exceed, surpass [RY]