myang 'das

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nirvana, See also: mya ngan 'das pa (3 types are phung po lhag ma - conditioned, phung po lhag med - unconditioned, and mi gnas pa - nonlocalized.) (JV)

nirvana, mya ngan las 'das pa chen po'i mdo. (IW)

mya ngan las 'das pa transcendence of sorrow/ nirvana. (RB)

nirvana, mya ngan las 'das pa passing beyond grief. Often, a reference to the "Parinirvana Sutra"; Enlightened One. (RY)

Nirvana Sutra. (RY)

Nirvana (myang 'das): "Beyond suffering," expresses several levels of enlightenment, depending on whether our viewpoints is from the Basic Vehicle or the Great Vehicle. (MR)