'dod pa

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1) desire 2) assert/proclaim; 3) sexual desire; 4) Kamadeva; 5) desire realm (6) 13)/ [joy, craving [sense-]pleasure, attraction, passion, attachment, belief, admission, acceptance, maintain that, posit, attachment, longing, desire realm, want, wish, fulfilled wish, long for, have a mind, like, be willing, aspire to, crave, hanker for. Kamadeva by having 13 divine prostitutes is symbolized by 13: 1 glog ldan ma, two thig le mchog ma, three pad dkar ma, four lag bzang ma, five dga' ba'i shing rta ma, six rab tu myos byed ma, 7 me n' ka, 8 skra 'dres ma, 9 legs rgyan ma, 10 munydza skyes ma, 11 aa lam bu sh'a, 12 chu shing brla can ma, 13 sked legs ma.] [IW]

to hold/ maintain/ posit (i.e., philosophically)/ believe (in); to wish/ desire; desire; (philosopical) supposition/ opinion [RB]

'dod pa, 'dod pa, 'dod pa; 1) to wish/ desire; hanker after; lust for, 2) desire; longing, crave, desire, like, desire to do, lust, passion, zeal; attachment, attraction to sense pleasures, be willing, wish, hanker for, aspire to, have in mind, want, hope for, wish; lust; ex. grub rtags + to hope for signs of attainment 3) Syn khas len, to suppose, claim, admit, consider, assert, regard as, believe, maintain, proclaim, accept, hold/ maintain (i.e. philosophically); 4) acceptance, admission, belief, claim, consideration, posit, proclamation of one's view, 5) Syn 'dod pa'i khams [RY]

to hold, maintain [RY]

suppositions, a positing of ... [RY]

self-centered btsun mo de 'dod pas ngo tsha dang bag yod bral te the queen was thoughtless and self-centered [RY]

1) desire, want, wish; 2) assert, proclaim; 3) sexual desire; 4) Kamadeva; 5) desire realm; 6) 13 [IW]

ambition [RY]

assert, hold, wish [thd]

sense pleasures, sense objects, philosophical position, point, supposition, view, claim, opinion, desire, world of sensuality, wish to, would like, wish, covet, longing, sense desires, intend, willing, yearn, assertion, maintaining a view, to wish for, it is said to be, it is asserted to be, it can be said, to feel, to believe, to feel, to intend to, urge [JV]

love-making [RY]

craving [RY]

chad nas 'phro mi 'dod pa - grow weary and feel disinclined to continue [RY]