'dzam bu gling

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jambudvipa, india, the world, SA dzam bu gling, Land of Jambu continent, 1 of gling bzhi [JV]

Jambudvipa [IW]

Jambudvipa [1of the four continents, to the south of Mount Meru the Rose apple continent, land of jambu.] [IW]

Continent of the Rose-apple Tree, Jambudvipa, southern continent [RY]

1) S continent of Jambudvipa; 2) the world [IW]

the east, Rose Apple Continent, Land of Jambu; Jambu Continent [RY]

the continent of the Rose-apple Tree [RY]

Jambu Continent. Our known world. The southern of the four continents, so called because it is adorned with the Jambubriksha (rose apple) tree [RY]