'gag pa

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has-been, stop, stay, hinder, cease, be at a standstill, doorkeeper, are interrupted [JV]

isc. anything that could cease [RB]

ft. of 'gag pa; 'gag pa, 'gags pa, 'gag pa intr. v. 1) cessation, stopping, 2) to stop, cease; 3) misspelling of dgag pa to negate [RY]

dgag pa to deny/ negate/ refute [RB]

to be blocked, obstructed [RY]

1) not be able to get free, be obstructed; 2) door guard; 3) customs gate for tax collection etc.; 4) essential pith reaching to the root; 5) obstacle, barrier, obstruction; 6) dam dike [IW]