'gro ba

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going constantly/ repeatedly/ far [IW]

to practice, walk form of life, rebirth, migrations, depart, leave, move, proceed, travel, tread, go, go away, proceed to, walk, living creature, that which moves, live, exist, be, migrants, migratory beings, proceeding, to become, arrive in [JV]

. . . du 'gro ba - to come to . . . [RB]

1) [sentient] beings; 2) loka/ world; 3) travel/ [trans]migrator[-ion]'; 5) will become; 6) walk; 7) contain; 8) go/ come [into/ off to]; 9) enter [IW]

Migrators, Migrating beings, jagat, or ('gro ba rnams), Sentient beings, wandering continually from one samsaric existence to another [RY]

wanderer, wandering being [thd]

to go (about); being(s); isc. to be [RB]

'gro ba, phyin pa, 'gro ba, song intr. v. 1) n. living, sentient beings, creatures, 'migrator', transmigrator, loka, world [of living beings]. 2) v. to go, follow, migrate, will become, to go, beings. 3) to travel, walk, come to. go (about); go off to; go/ come into/ off to, enter. 4) destiny, migration, gati; going constantly/ repeatedly/ far [RY]

worth; dngul srang bzhi bcur 'gro ba'i gzims gur a tent worth forty silver 'sang' RY

wandering being, wanderer [RY]

Wanderer DKC


This term is frequently translated as "transmigrator" or "migrator" but these words seems somewhat clumsy and unpoetic in English. I would suggest that the translation "wanderer" is a bit more evocative. DKC