'phro ba

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move towards, arise, weaving, proceed, issue, emanate from, spread, diffuse, go on, continue, emit, scatter, to emanate, project, diffuse, proliferate, the proliferating and diffusing of thoughts, process of projection, to unfold, to flow, diffusing [JV]

chad nas 'phro mi 'dod pa - grow weary and feel disinclined to continue [RY]

to unfold Syn khyab pa to encompass [RY]

1) emanate, proliferate; 2) be distracted by (/ [bhumi] the flaming, proceed, issue, emanate [from/ as], spread, continue, emit, radiate permeate [sems gzhan du 'phros: g.yeng distracted carried away, between] [IW]

'phro ba, 'phros ba, 'phro ba intr. v.; 1) to emit; proceed, issue, emanate from, permeate; issue out, shine forth, send out, spread, proceed, go on, continue; emanate, arise, emanate, project, diffuse, proliferate. 2) thought occurrence; proliferation [of thought]. Syn for 'gyu ba and 'char ba 3) the Flaming [RY]

1) emanate, proliferate; 2) be distracted by [IW]

'phros pa to shine forth/ radiance (intrans.); to unfold [RB]