khyab pa

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(Tha dad pa),, prevade, all be, fill, cover [kun tu khyab pa, X yin na Y yin pas khyab] [IW]

(Tha dad pa,, pervade, all be, fill, cover [IW]

entail, constitute, encompass, inclusive, be popular fill, penetrate, embrace, estimate, comprise, full of, permeated with, major premise, cover, prevail, spread, embrace, to be permeated by, all-pervasive, pervading [JV]

entail, pervasion [thd]

pervasion, entail, necessitate, involve; consistency [RY]

to encompass; Syn 'phro ba to unfold [RY]

khyab pa, khyab pa, khyab pa intr. v.; 1) to pervade, permeate, extend, spread, embrace, encompass, penetrate, comprise, be present throughout, fill. 2) pervasion [in logic], entailment; association; concomitance. 3) to entail, encompass, engulf, cover, spread over, extend over, disseminate, embrace [by reason, logic] i.e. it follows that; to entail, necessitate. See also khyab 4) extensive. 5) counter pervasion, 6) pervasion, permeation, pervading. 7) omnipresent. 8) 9) clear. 10) a logical relationship; concomitance, pervasion, invariable; 1) entailment, invariable, concomitance, counter pervasion, extensive. 2) to fill, penetrate, to embrace, comprise [RY]

to entail/ pervade/ necessitate; pervasion/ entailment; association; to extend; pervasive/ universal (in extent) [RB]

pervasion, entailment [ggd] [RY]