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Existence, true, intrinsic, or reality (bden 'dzin): A property attributed to phenomena, suggesting that they could be independent objects, existing in themselves, and having properties that belong to them intrinsically. [MR]

skye ba - I) 1) birth, generation, arising, production, origin. 2) arising, origination, as one of the fourteen non-concurrent formations {ldan min 'du byed}. 3) rebirth, birth, life, lifetime, manner of birth. 4) rebirth as one of the twelve links {rten brel bcu gnyis}. II) {skye ba, skyes pa, skye ba} intr. v.; 1) to be born, be reborn, originate, arise, come into play, dawn, happen, take place, grow, come into existence, come into being, be produced, become, begin to exist, grow, bud, germinate, sprout, come out newly. 2) give birth to, give rise to, bear, be pregnant, be with young. 3) to feel, think. 4) to progress, increase. Def. among the {rten brel bcu gnyis} by Jamgön Kongtrül: {skye ba'i yan lag mngon gyur gyi dbang du byas nas/ mngal du nying mtshams sbyor bzhin pa ni skye ba yin}, {nang gi 'du byed kyi rgyun yod pa skye ba dang skye ba don gzhan bsal nas sngar ma byung ba las gsar du byung ba'i cha'o} [RY]

skye ba - birth/ generation/ origination; rebirth; to be born/ come into existence; [process of) birth/ being born (one of twelve links of interdependent connection]; isc.anything that could come into being [RB]

skye ba - jati, coming into being, birth, process of being born, origination, to be born, that which has come into existence, production, cycle of existences, arise, happen, take place, give birth to, bear, grow, on-set, news, SA skyes, person, rebirth, become, begin to exist, growing up, thriving, the reborn individual, arising, hatch, life, beings, lifetime, to have, will have [JV]