Khedrub Dorje Shönu

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Khedrub Dorje Shönu (mkhas grub rdo rje gzhon nu)

Ever since Khedrub Dorje Shönu was very young, he had a natural revulsion for worldly activities and the many sufferings of samsara. He met his lama, Müchen Gyaltsen Palsang, early in life and studied and practiced thoroughly under him. Since he was extremely diligent in practice, he traversed the path very quickly. Especially his inner heat practice was very powerful and he was often seen with steam rising from the pores off his body. He found it very easy to train in the dream practices of transformation and emanation. Dorje Shönu was also very proficient in the practice of deathlessness, which allowed him to live for a long time without showing any signs of aging. He did nothing but practice undistractedly and was thus highly respected by many great masters of his time. Khedrub Dorje Shönu had received the entire transmission of the Shangpa Dharma from his teacher Müchen Gyaltsen Palsang, and eventually passed it on to his own students.

Source: bla ma rnam bzhi'i rnam thar bsdus pa le tshan bzhi, shangs chos vol. 1, pp. 657-698


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