bcas pa

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intr. pf. of 'cha' ba; pf. of 'cha' ba; 1) with, connected with, having, possessing, containing, together with. 2) assuming [a posture) [RY]

. . . (dang) bcas pa - together with; accompanying; together with (its) attendant . . . ; to entail; entailing . . . [RB]

1) made, prepared, drew up, established, vowed, drank, noticed, cherished, chewed ['cha ba]; 2) have; 3) [together] with, connected with, having, containing; 4) assuming [arch] posture [IW]

'cha' ba to set up/ formulate/ base (on) [RB]

along with [RY]

according to, together with [JV]