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free of/ beyond . . . [RB]

1) [p 'bral],, [a]part[ed]/ separate[d/ free[dom] from], cut / divorced/ disconnected from; 2) [be] w/o/ free from; 3) pass beyond; 4) loss; 5) away [IW]

has nothing to do with, cessation, unencumbered by, defying all attempts to, release from, divorced from, defying, separate, SA 'bral ba, to separate, to transcend, beyond, has no, no, transcends, be lacking [JV]

lack; free from; freedom, parted from, separated from, similar to dben, stong and med without, free from, separate, devoid of, pass beyond, be apart from, away, freedom, loss; beyond; disperse [RY]