bstod pa

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praise [IW]

hymns [RY]

1) bstod pa, bstod pa, bstod pa, bstod trans. v.; to extol, praise, eulogize, offer praises, comment. 2) Syn bstod bsngags praise, eulogy, 3) one of the 'jig rten chos brgyad eight worldly concerns; [attachment to] praise [RY]

praise, eulogy, compliment [IW]

praise [one of the 'jig rten chos brgyad, 8 worldly dharmas] [IW]

praise/ eulogy; to praise/ eulogize/ offer praises [RB]

praises; [detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 124] [RY]

to laud, praise, hymns of praise, sing praises, exalt, tether cattle, eulogium, expression of praise, SA stod pa, eulogy [JV]

uttered this praise [RY]

1) (tha dad pa [a] praise [IW]