'jig rten chos brgyad

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eight worldly concerns, Dharma. 1) rnyed pa - gain. 2) ma rnyed pa - loss. 3) snyan pa - disgrace. 4) smad pa - slander. 5) bstod pa - praise. 6) bde ba pleasure. 7) sdug bsngal- pain. (?) the eight worldly Dharmas, attributes. 1) rnyed dang 2) mi rnyed pleasure at gaining something and displeasure at not gaining the object of desire. 3) bde dang 4) mi bde happiness and sadness. 5) bstod dang 6) smad praise and abused or degrade. 7) snyan dang, 8) mi snyan pleasing and unpleasing speech. [RY]

8 worldly dharmas [IW]

eight worldly concerns. Attachment to gain, pleasure, praise and fame, and aversion to loss, pain, blame and bad reputation [RY]

eight worldly concerns, the ordinary human reactions to gain and loss, fame and infamy, praise and blame, pleasure and sorrow [JV]

eight worldly dharmas [1 rnyed pa = gain; 2) ma rnyed pa = loss 4) snyan pa = disgrace 5) smad pa= slander 6) bstod pa = praise 7) bde ba = pleasure 8) [[sdug [IW]

The bod rgya tshig mdzod chen mo lists the eight worldly dharmas as follows:

1. rnyed pa

2. ma rnyed pa

3. snyan pa

4. mi snyan pa

5. bstod pa

6. smad pa

7. bde ba

8. mi bde ba.