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imputation, interdependence, name, label, labeling, designation [p 'dogs pa 'thag pa grind, crush, weave, bind, fasten, adorn [IW]

pf. of 'thag pa; pf. of 'dogs pa; label; to label/ apply (a label) to/ refer to; to crush/ pound; conceptual ascription; imputations, interdependent, named, labeled, labeling, label, designation; designative [RY]

label; imputation; to ascribe/ impute (existence to)/ label/ apply (a label) to/ refer to/ attribute; to crush/ pound; (conceptual) ascription/ logical fiction; isc. to project/ make projections [RB]

to grind grains [RY]

was named [RY]

concept, label, index, woven, fix, is called, is known as, attached, tied, bound, fastened, bound, ground, crushed, interdependent postulation, designation, fetter [JV]

1) designation 2) woven [brocade] [RY]

'dogs/ gdag/ / thogs pa - to apply/ attach (a label); to designate/ label; to refer to [RB]

1) [Tha dad par p 'thag pa]; 2) [p 'dogs pa; 3) say what is insubstantial is a substance Rdzas med rdzas su grub par smra ba; 4) (A; 1) khrims bsgrags pa; 5) Phal pa [IW]