byang chub sems

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bodhicitta, pure & total presence, primordial state, total presence, enlightened attitude, life-force, energy, ethical impulse, bodhisattva vow, seed of compassion, semen, as lived experience (myself and my milieu), as creativity (khu ba as semen and rdul as blood), as indivisibility (of stong nyid (e) the intended and snying rje (vam), mind principle of illumination, pure perfected nature of mind, ka dag lhun grub dbyer med, enlightened mind, awakened mind, awakening mind, bodhichitta. (JV)

bodhicitta [a mind directed towards primordial] pure and total presence, a mind set on enlightenment, awakened heart, enlightened mind, enlightened attitude. (IW)

bodhicitta [IW]

a mind directed towards pure and total presence, a mind set on enlightenment, bodhichitta, awakened heart, enlightened mind, attitude, the primordial state of pure and total presence; enlightened mind. byang meaning - pure of obscurations and chub meaning perfect in enlightened attributes. (RY)