chos kyi dbyings

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See also - chos dbyings, sphere or purview of religion, basic space of phenomena. [JV]

dharmadhatu, realm of all dharmas. [RY]

Realm of phenomena. 'dharmadhatu.' Dharmadhatu, absolute expanse. expanse of reality. [RY]

Dharma-element, dharmadhatu. [IW]

basic space of phenomenal reality/ dharmadhatu. [RY]

basic space. [thd]

basic space of phenomena; dharmadhatu. [RB]

Syn de bzhin nyid Dharma-element, Dharmadhatu, as suchness, realm of dharmas, realm of phenomena. Syn gnas lugs gyi don, lit. the expanse of Dharma, ultimate reality, synonym of voidness or openness, the realm of all dharmas, totality of existents, all-encompassing space, boundless space. [RY]

Dharma expanse. DKC