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avid [RY]

1) middle of, mid- *, nang; 2) nature, source, dharmadhatu, khams; 3) dignified/ graceful/ awesome [rang nyid dbyings che drags pas rjes lus thebs pa]; 4) [tha mag gi dbyings] broken; 5) SK: interest, liking very much lang shor ba [stubborn/ indulgent]; 6) expanse, realm, sphere, [basic] space, the heavens, celestial region; 7) totality/ reality field, continuum, expanse, klong [IW]

space, dimension, dhatu; space, dharmadhatu. Syn bde gshegs snying po; basic space; expanse, space, realm, sphere, basic space, the heavens, celestial region, totality field, dhatu, continuum, reality field, expanse [RY]

expanse [RY]

continuum, realm, pure space, dimension, ultimate sphere, field of reality, reality field, sphere, sphere of values, evidence of being, space, meaning continuum, abbr for chos dbyings, expanse, secret space, ultimate dimension, dimension of emptiness, basic space, in the dimension of [JV]

basic space; isc. element/ nature/ the fact that . . . [RB]

1) continuum, dynamic continuum, all-encompassing/embracing continuum, pervasive continuum; 2) space, basic space, dynamic space, all-encompassing/embracing space, pervasive space; 3) realm, dynamic realm, all-encompassing/embracing realm, pervasive realm, dimension, dynamic dimension, all-encompassing/embracing dimension, pervasive dimension, sphere, dynamic sphere, all-encompassing/embracing sphere, pervasive sphere, expanse, dynamic expanse, all-encompassing/embracing expanse pervasive expanse; 4) substrate, dynamic substrate, all-encompassing/embracing substrate, pervasive substrate; 5) element, dynamic element, all-encompassing/embracing element, pervasive element; 6) interest, enthusiasm, hobby. This term (Skt. dhātu) generally seems to be hotly debated and its implications somewhat misunderstood, esp. in the case of chos kyi dbyings or the Dharmadhātu. Suffice to say that 'continuum', 'basic space', 'realm' and others can all be appropriate, depending on the context. In some cases, it is roughly cognate with either khams (which is also sometimes a translation of dhātu) and klong. It has implications of potentiality, integration, wholeness, constituency, supportiveness, and the womb. The Sanskrit word dhātu is derived from the verb dhrī, which means 'to support'. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]