chos kyi sdom bzhi

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The Four Summaries of the Dharma, the four dharma emblems. Syn chos rtags kyi phyag rgya bzhi. the four seals. Syn phyag rgya bzhi. The four main principles of Buddhism. These four main principles marking a doctrine as Buddhist are: 1) 'du byas thams cad mi rtag pa, All conditioned/compounded things are impermanent; 2) zag bcas thams cad sdug bsngal, all defiling things (defiled with ego-clinging) are suffering; 3) chos thams cad stong zhing bdag med pa'o, all phenomena are empty and devoid of a self-entity / identityless. 4) mya ngan las 'das pa ni zhi ba, nirvana is peace. [RY]

lta ba bkar btags kyi - four seals - phyag rgya bzhi, the four summaries of the dharma, four dharma emblems. [IW]

four aphorisms. [JV]