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torpor, sleep, fade, drowsiness mibp 99, slumber, SA gzhan 'gyur bzhi, rnyid pa, sleepiness [JV]

lethargy [RB]

torpor, sleep[iness], drowsiness, [IW]

torpor, sleep[iness], drowsiness, [one of the four variables gzhan 'gyur bzhi and 'jug pa'i sems druglus nyams chung zhing dub pa dang mun pa yid la byed de, by becoming very murky and dim, consciousness cannot engage wit objects &, the body too cannot grasp, having been gathered in al actions are lost syn: mnal dang, mig 'dzum pa, rmongs pa'i grogs po, gzims bcas] [IW]

'jug pa'i sems drug nang du bsdus pa'o Sleep, as one of the four variables. torpor, sleepiness, drowsiness [RY]

gnyid 'thug po (deep) sleep [RB]

Sleep DKC


One of the variable mental factors. Sleep is when the mind withdraws into itself and one is unable to hold the body properly. When afflicted, it is one of the entanglers (kun nas dkris pa). DKC