gtum mo

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1) wrathful/ fierce female; 2) a nadi; 3) the goddess Uma; 4) the fire/practice of tummo chandali, fierce, fiery [IW]

(inner mystic, inner psychic, mystic) heat, fierce woman, fierce or violent woman, female of the candala tribe, violent, fearful, grouse, heat practice in which individual's solar and lunar energies are unified in bde chen, SA ham, chandali (purity of eye consciousness) [JV]

chandali/ yogic inner heat [RB]

1) Tummo, practice of inner heat, Chandali, tummo, fierce, fiery, yogic inner heat; 2) fierce woman. Syn gtum po [RY]

chandali - Tummo. One of the Six Doctrines of Naropa. - practice to develop the mystic inner heat in one type of tantric yoga [RY]