mkhris pa

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1) gall bladder. 2) bile, gall. 3) jaundice [RY]

vesicle of the gall, gall bladder, bile, bilious fluid, SA 'ju byed, mdangs sgyur, sgrub byed, mthong byed, mdog gsal, jaundice [JV]

gall bladder, bile, gall, jaundice 1) nyes pa'i mkhris pa ste lus kyi drod khams kyi cha shas yongs; 2) snod kyi mkhris pa ste mchin 'dabs kyi mkhris thum) [IW]

bile, one of the three main humors and types of illness in Tibetan medicine (Ayurveda: pitta) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]