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1) [past and imp. form of 'byed pa opened, uncovered / to separate, divide, distinguish, differentiate, open, spread. 2) tsampa, flour, powder, flour of parched barley. 3) one discerns, gives rise to. take sides, phyed ma myong not to differentiate / distinguish; gives rise to, kha ba to open, spread, tsampa; divide [RY]

powder, little bird, open, separate, filings, place apart, flour, meal, flour of parched barley, SA phye ma, 'byed pa, dust [JV]

[p f ! a'byed pa 1) opened, uncovered/ separate, divide, distinguish, differentiate, spread; 2) tsampa, flour, powder, [of parched barley] meal; 3) discern, give rise to, take sides, ma myod not, differentiate, distinguish; 4) dust powder [IW]