rig 'dzin

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Awareness-Holder [GD]

vidyadhara, (wisdom, knowledge) holder, those who hold to rig pa, mystical inspirations, he who holds to the intuitive, aesthetically moving awareness of reality, comprehension of a science with ease, clever person, type of lha, knowledge-holders, knowledge-holders, vidyadhara, SA rnam smin rig 'dzin, tshe dbang rig 'dzin, phyag chen rig 'dzin, lhun grub rig 'dzin, possessor of pure awareness, knowledge bearers, one who holds to immediate awareness, master of awareness [JV]

rig pa 'dzin pa master/ holder of awareness/ one who has mastered (the recognition of) awareness/ upholds awareness/ awareness holder/ vidyadhara [RB]

Knowledge holder, vidyadhara. An accomplished practitioner of Vajrayana [RY]

Vidyadhara, knowledge-holder / bearer. Syn rig pa 'dzin pa awareness holder. the manner of an aware ness-holder. vidyadhara, knowledge holder. awareness holder. vidyadhara. Syn rig pa 'dzin pa; Vidyadhara, [vidyadhara] [RY]

knowledge holder [thd]

awareness holder, vidyadhara, knowledge-holder/ bearer, intelligent [IW]